lynne_about1I wonder. Are you at all like me? Do you get up in the morning and head for the bathroom first thing? In that sleepy half-dazed state do you glance at your reflection in the mirror and then make this semi-conscious notation of the obvious:

“Yeah, that’s me all right.”

Well, I think we all do this—whatever our level of awareness about it. But here’s what I wonder. What if you could take a closer look, bypass the familiarity of toothbrushes and porcelain washbasins and, like Alice of Wonderland fame, step right through that looking-glass?

Would you be startled wide awake?

Would you remember in a flash that what you usually see and who you usually take yourself to be does not tell the whole story?

Well, I think so.

My name is Lynne Whiteley Novy and here’s what I know for sure:

You and I and almost everybody on the planet except maybe the Dalai Lama and a tiny handful of others do not know the truth of who we are most of the time. And this is the source of our biggest life problems.

We do what we do, say what we say, think what we think, eat what we eat, plan what we plan, argue about what we argue about, and we do all this pretty much on automatic. But we don’t consciously choose. We live in what I call a “trance of the familiar” and we take that trance to be who we are.

But I promise you, this is a case of mistaken identity. We are not that familiar trance. We are not that bundle of habitual behaviors, actions and reactions.

Perhaps you already know all this or maybe you don’t. But even if you do, how often do you actually experience the truth of who you are?  And if and when you do, what happens then?

As the famous Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung used to say, “Transformation knows its own way.” He was definitely on to something, I think, because he made it clear that we don’t have to knock ourselves out trying to change ourselves to get what we want in life. We just need to learn how to get out of our own way.

And that’s what this blog is all about. Lucid Moments is about quite literally leaping out of your own way.  It’s about enlightenment one aha! at a time. It’s about waking up to the truth of who we are in any given instant.

When you experience a Lucid Moment, your “trance of the familiar” that you take yourself to be disappears. In that effortless instant, something new can happen because you have the power to make a new conscious choice.

And a new conscious choice can change your life in the blink of an eye!

Still, you usually can’t change what you can’t see. And that’s where the power of story comes into play, as it does on this blog. Just as you can’t see a wrinkle on your own face without a mirror, you often can’t see what’s going on in your own life without a story.

Our stories serve as mirrors for our lives. No wonder there’s a thousand new blogs born every nano second!

Lucid Moments Revisioned

But Lucid Moments has not always been a blog. Some 10 years ago, it started out as a website. At the time I was a psychotherapist and I had written and syndicated a newspaper column called “Simple Truths.”

Long before that, though, I had been a magazine editor and travel writer, so Lucid Moments emerged more as a completed “thing.” Like a book that’s finished and published. Not at all like a website that grows and changes.

Lucid Moments just sat there in cyberspace as its own little island for a long time. Occasionally I’d take the whole thing down and fool around with doing something different with it. Then I’d stick it back up there because I still liked it as a kind of book. I liked the story it told.

People would stumble upon it one way or another and send me emails about their experience of it. Sometimes they would suggest that I create a forum or something because they would like some interaction about what they were reading. But still I didn’t get how to change it.

Of course I had thought I might add a blog or turn it into a blog, but then I’d shudder and think about what I’d gone through to write a weekly newspaper column. Writing to a deadline. Killer.

So I shelved the blog idea again and again. And each time Lucid Moments the static website (now known to me simply as Luci) would shuffle back and forth from my hard drive to its little place in space.

All of this to say that somehow I’ve now made a more forceful decision to give Luci a new life as a blog, and here we are. To soothe my terror at writing regularly on cue, I’ll be posting some of my Simple Truths stories. And, for sure, at some point I’ll tell you more about my misadventures as a slow writer in the fast lane.

Among other things.

Oh! Did you just catch that? In the paragraph above. Did you see one of my “trance of the familiar” stories? The one where who I take myself to be is a slow writer who shudders at the thought of showing up regularly at the keyboard?

And yet here I am, one aha! at a time, joining the blogosphere. Breaking through the trance is fun, exhilarating, exciting. And it frees us to leap out of our stuck places to create something new.

What’s Hidden in Plain Sight?

A little Sufi tale tells of a school of fish swimming around wondering about water. “What is water?” they finally ask a passing Wise Fish. And the Wise Fish answers: “It’s all around you.” But when the fish swim on, they’re still thirsty.

Like thirsty fish swimming around unaware of the wonder of water, we stumble blindly through our days unaware that spiritual essence is wondrous, substantive and everywhere. The subtle qualities of essence live within us all the time. But our personality, our ordinary way we take ourselves to be, gets in the way of experiencing them.

So, come along with me. Because Luci opens us to the possibility for self-discovery in our ordinary everyday lives. It’s about change, creativity, authenticity, purpose, intuition, fulfillment, adventure, commitment, courage, wisdom and fun. It’s also about truth, love, relationship, you and me, and (not to underestimate ourselves) enlightenment.

As I share my stories and Lucid Moments with you, I hope you will share yours with me. There’s a nifty commenting feature on blogs that Luci never had when she was flying solo out there in space. Tell me what’s happening for you along the way.

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