Subtle Secret #1: Yellow as the Essence of Joy

child_daffodilThe first of the Five Subtle Secrets I want to tell you about is The Yellow. And The Yellow is the Joy essence. 

I think Rumi best captures the very nature of The Yellow in this simple sentence: “The soul is here for its own joy.”

But of course, if the word “joy” said it all for this essential energy, we wouldn’t need to call it The Yellow. You can get closer to the meaning when you consider that we experience The Yellow through our wonder and delight. We open to it when we say “I wish” or “I want” with a light and playful heart. We engage it through our curiosity and by following our heart’s desire.

The Yellow inspires any creative process, provides enthusiasm on any real adventure, and shows up as our own open presence in any Lucid Moment.

Getting Curious About The Yellow

The best way to begin to understand the subtle energies of The Yellow is to fasten your wide-open mind onto a small child at play. Watch her explore her world. She knows what she wants with her whole heart, and she goes right for it. A child knows Joy up close and personal because she knows the pure pleasure of enjoyment from the inside out.

On the way to becoming adults we lose contact with wonder, delight and heart’s desire. We get conditioned to see things in certain ways, and we build a lot of self-protecting mind locks that become barriers to the subtle energies.

Some of the specific blocks to The Yellow include our attachments, our fear of disappointment, all the ways we hold our feelings back and our fear of self-expression. One of the biggest blocks to The Yellow is ordinary old garden-variety doubt.

How to Invite The Yellow Back

Essential states pour into the open spaces that invite them. In other words, we can’t force Joy to show up. But we can open ourselves to The Yellow, and some ways to do that include:

  • Practicing being present to the moment.
  • Engaging our curiosity as a way to dissolve blocks to The Yellow.
  • Rediscovering our true heart’s desire.

What’s your experience with The Yellow? Are there ways you know you block joy?

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